Reflections from former students

Reflections from Marie

I think it has been a very good and interesting experience and have learned so many things, both good and bad, and the Chinese are generally very helpful and sweet. 

I think I'm more independent and I have learned a lot about adapting to another culture, but especially more independent and responsible because I have lived away from my family for a half year so they couldn't fix any practical things for me and I had the responsibility for that two classes actually learned some English and enjoyed doing it.


The following was recorded from an informal discussion with students after they had been in China for 4 months:

What have been the most outstanding aspects of your experience in the Programme?

*I think the most exciting thing is that you become a teacher and you have your own students and it is all your responsibility, especially as you were only a short time ago, a student yourself!

*One of the most outstanding things is to experience the Chinese culture.

*The experience to work with children and the possibility to find our own teaching methods.

How has this programme benefited you personally?

*To grow as a human being, take responsibility for someone's education which is a big deal for me.

*Personally I have learned to handle spontaneous decisions way better than I could before.and just to get on with things without a plan.

What did you learn from working with Chinese children?

*The Chinese children are more disciplined than we see in kindergartens back home. The children are so willing to learn a new language and ways of playing to learn.

*One thing I have learned from working with Chinese children is that they are not Robots! But exactly like children back home and they want to play and have fun and even though they are handled in a stricter way, they are still normal children!

Is there anything you would like to tell new volunteers coming for the next programme?

*I would like to tell new volunteers to DO it!  Scary as it may seem, at first,it is a really great experience over all and you learn so much about yourself, a different culture and about China in general and something I feel I will benefit from the rest of my life. It is really a great experience!