Teacher Training

As a student teacher, you would be placed in part-time ‘work experience’ in a kindergarten, pre-school and an early learning centre.  Your role would be as teacher’s assistants in each class, interacting on an individual basis with each child, and not as the main teachers. 

This is why previous teaching experience is not required for acceptance to this Programme.  However, the experience and qualifications you will gain during the five months would help you to teach professionally in the future.

You will be responsible to help teach 20 to 30 minute English language classes  with the help of one or two Chinese staff.  This is because the students are very young children and their comprehension of English is limited, so lots of drama, enthusiasm and interaction is required to keep their interest and in most cases, where necessary, a translation would be given by the Chinese teachers.  

The Chinese parents recognise that teaching their child English at a very young age by native speakers will give their child a better accent and a more natural and fun filled desire to learn the language. This is why it is essential that volunteers can teach with a clear and acceptable English pronunciation.

Since you will be learning and working in the Chinese workplace and culture, alongside the children, staff and parents, you will be immersed in the lifestyle and traditions of the Chinese people. This is an experience that you would not get from travelling around the country as a tourist.  You will gain first-hand understanding of how they think and react in many day to day situations.